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Refugee Legal Aid Information for Lawyers Representing Refugees Globally

Legal Resources

One of the best updaters and advisors on immigration and asylum law is Free Movement. Please note that membership is required to access the content.


UNHCR’s online Protection Manual

A repository of policy and guidance documents that is updated whenever a new protection policy or guidance document is published and can thus be relied upon to represent the current state of UNHCR protection policy and guidance. UNHCR guidance and policy documents are organized by theme/subject, as reflected in the Protection Manual's Table of Contents. Subjects include legal topics (For example, UNHCR guidance on the different elements of the refugee definition) and operational protection guidance (for example, on 'asylum-seekers at sea', or 'age, gender and diversity'). Under each heading, documents are arranged in reverse chronological order with each document individually accessible through a hyperlink.

Pro Bono Legal Assistance Providers and Providers of Other Services

UNHCR is attempting to put each of it Country Offices online.  It so far has only a few, but it could be  worthwhile your checking their sites: See http://help.unhcr.org/.  A number of UNHCR operations can be contacted through Facebook and Messenger.

Our list of pro bono legal assistance providers is a directory of organizations, lawyers, and others who are able to assist refugees free-of-charge in legal matters and help secure refugee rights. This list may also be of use to legal providers assembling and arguing cases elsewhere in the world for information on country of origin, case development, and other help.

Country of Origin Information Experts

Our list of country of origin (COI) experts  and organisations that provide COI will be of use to legal assistance providers in need of expert reports to support asylum cases and other refugee-related legal proceedings.

The provision of medical evidence in Refugee Status Determination procedures is frought with challenges. Medical reports documenting asylum seekers’ physical and/or mental health are increasingly being used within Refugee Status Determination (RSD) proceedings as objective evidence to support asylum claims. 

RSD Adjudication and Psychosocial Support 

A method for conductiong RSD adjudication with psychosocial support. Information and materials on the importance pshychosocial support before, during and after refugee status determination. 

Psychological research relating to RSD procedures

Understanding and application of psychological science in the asylum process is important to ensure that adjudication is fair, lessening the risk of denying protection to refugees. Here we present a brief introduction to the psychological research that can be drawn on in representing people seeking international protection and adjudication of claims. We also offer links to further resources.

Applicable Case Law

A list of databases providing municipal and international Case Law material.

Accessing Regional Human Rights Bodies: A Guide

States and their institutions can often fail to provide adequate help for refugees and asylum seekers. When a decision reached by a State is considered to be in breach of regional rules regarding the adequate treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, it is possible to challenge that decision before regional human rights bodies.  Please see below to find information on each region: